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We provide high quality and cost effective web and software development services worldwide.

we consistently strive to be a technology partner who understands your specific business requirements. We are a solutions company focussed on working with you to address your business objectives and goals.

UI/UX Design

We understand the power of user experience engineering and bring our years of application design experience in to play to provide you specially crafted UI/UX design and development services that can help your app and idea stand out..

Quality Assurance

Praknex Performance Center of Excellence (PCoE) offers end-to-end performance testing solutions therefore help clients in launching future proof applications with high responsiveness, availability, and scalability.

Custom Apps

Custom application development aims at conceptualizing, designing, building, and maintaining custom applications that run on any device – and in on premise, cloud, or hybrid environments.

Custom Engineering

We are experts in cutting edge tools and bringing them together to build a personalized system that is scalable, flexible and most importantly, makes doing business more easier.

Business Intelligence

Our bespoke business intelligence and data visualization solutions built using latest BI technologies help the organization to extract meaningful insights from their raw and processed data..

Unique. Powerful. Creative.

Praknex has designed, developed, and deployed a wide variety of custom software development solutions for specialized business markets.

Our Services

Serving happy customers globally, Praknex believes in building relationships, not just partnerships.

Digital marketing

Employing an effective digital strategy helps in creating new business models and aids in connecting with a real-time and information-rich market place, improving reach and returns.

App development

With dedicated architecture groups for Java, Microsoft, and Open Source (PHP, ROR) platforms, Praknex has vast experience designing and building robust, scalable and extensible applications for web, mobile, desktop, and cloud environments.

Big Data

We partner with industry leaders around the globe and help them embed analytics, big data and machine learning driven intelligence into their processes to drive outcomes across ‘customer’, ‘risk’ and ‘operations’ business imperatives.

Business Intelligence

From durable, open-source technology based intelligence solutions to stunning data visualization apps using premium BI tools, we have done it all.

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Walking our talk.Innovating in an ever evolving world.
Our data engineers help global organizations with the management of unstructured and structured data to enable them to tap into the possibilities of next gen analytics and data capabilities.
We help you in creating and maintaining the 'build farm'.
  • Implementation of the ‘build pipeline’ for Dev, ST, UAT and prod environment
  • Handling of one click deployments over VM as well as Cloud
  • Monitoring and undertaking of log analysis using Nagios, Custom Tools, Splunk etc.
  • Integrating with existing ITSM tools.
Our Test Automation services encompass offerings ranging from automation strategy up to automation of regression test suites. Our experts have experience in identifying the right test case for automation, selecting the right tools and optimal set of frameworks which will yield the best ROI.
Winmetry Utility Hub

Winmetry is one of the best single PC software offering collaborative utilities. Phenomenal user interface and utmost compatibility with all Windows operating desktops and laptops.

Keep your PC clean and lean

First, free up gigabytes of space on your hard disk by deleting obsolete and duplicate files. Then prevent inactive software from needlessly consuming your memory.Finally, uninstall pesky programs that just won’t go away. On average, this creates extra space


Disk cleaning


Support (As per customer review)

It’s the first-ever full package that not improves PC performance and provides security but anonymizes your browsing, and wipes your online traces clean
9 in 1 Apps for Windows OS

A digital studio crafting beautiful experiences.

Winmetry Utility Hub is unique multi utility window software that successfully optimizes, secures and encapsulates features that makes your life easy.

System Speedup and Boot Manager are corner stones for an optimize PC performance. Folder Locker and Password Wallet provides much needed security in an invasive world. Apps of News, Duplicate Image Finder, Youtube Downloader and Text to Speech are other powerful utility functionalities which make your life easy.

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System speedup

Optimize PC performance With advanced system speedup. Cleaner registry and disk enhances speed

Boot manager

Minimize boot time of you PC by optimizing the startup processes with our Winmetry boot manager.

Folder locker

Improve privacy and security of your PC by locking desired folder with easy and intutive Winmetry Folder locker


Securily uninstall unwanted programs from your PC without harming your OS.

Text to speech

Convert any word, PDF of text find into audio and listen on the move with Winmetry Text to speech

Password wallet

Lockaway your important authentication cretentials in our highly secure Winmetry Password wallet

Youtube downloader

Download your favourite video from the most popular video playform in a single click with Winmetry Youtube downloader.

Duplicate image finder

Get rid of all the duplicate images from your last vacation and retrive GBs on space on your with Winmetry Duplicate image finder.

Customer support. Our speciality.

We provide 24/7 support service for our products, services and any of your technical queries

What People Say

Serving happy customers globally, Praknex believe in building relationships, not just partnerships.They say it. We claim it.

Their team are easy to work with and helped me make amazing web application in a short amount of time. Thanks guys for all your hard work.

Shoko Mugikura

Trust us we looked for a very long time and wasted thousands of dollars testing other teams, freelancers, and outsource companies.

Alexander Smith

This is an excellent company! I personally enjoyed the energy and the professional support the whole team gave to us into creating my moblie solutions.

Lindsay Swanson
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